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The History of São Thome das Letras

The City History
The History of São Thome das Letras

The History of São Thome das Letras

Its name is due to a legend about meeting a statue of Sao Tome in a cave for a runaway slave of Alfenas Baron, along with a letter of perfect writing (impossible for a slave illiterate). This fact led to the subsequent emancipation of the slave by its owner, who was very impressed by the slave of the report and also ordered the construction of a church side of that grotto, which is now in what is the São Tomé Center of Letters.

there are several mustsee attractions such as the Grotto Sao Tome, Cave Stamped, house-of-Pyramid, rock Formations - the Witch is the most famous, stone buildings and waterfalls - Shangri-la, Eubiose, Veil bride, Paradise and the Moon, among others.

Some believe that Sao Tome is one of the seven energy points of the Earth, which attracts to the mystical place, spiritual societies, scientific and alternatives, which gives reason another name: Mystic City.

In addition, the city has a historic center listed by the State Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage of Minas Gerais since 1996. Although tampered with, also has great cultural and ecological significance. The Church began to be built in 1785 and has altarpieces of the rococo period and the liner marked by the excellence of the colonial painting artist Joaquim José da Nativity.

The Church of Stone, fallen in 1985, is also the eighteenth century.

Is mystical town full of stories and facínio that it worth checking out , enjoy this happiness
"Sao Thome das Letras"!